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  00 -- 3V4
  4-65 -- 6AZ8
  6B4 --6DZ7

  6E5 -- 6KZ8

  6L6 -- 6ZY5
  7A4 -- 11R3
  12A -- 12Z3
  13CW4 -- 35Z6G
  36 -- 1276
  1603 -- 5998
  6000 -- 8426
  8507 -- 9006
  A2426 -- ZM1000

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Popular Tube Quick Links

2A3 45
10 71A
6B4G 6A3
50 801
6A5 6BQ5/EL84
6CA7/EL34 6L6
7027A 7591
7868 6550/KT88
6V6 12AU7
12AT7 12AX7
12DW7 5751
7247 6DJ8
6267/EF86 6922/7308
6SN7/5692 6SL7/5691
Store Hours
Monday - Friday
9 am - 5 pm
Central Time

SND Tube Sales


Michael Marx
105 N. Division St.
Bonne Terre, MO 63628

Ham Call: WB0SND

Ordering Information


I don't have an "on-line" or "shopping cart" type of ordering system.  The reason is that it is impossible for me to keep up with what I have in stock.  If I had such a system, I'm afraid many people will be ordering things I don't actually have.  So, you will need to contact me before placing the order.  That way, you can know if I have what you want in stock.  Since many of these items are only available occasionally, it is impossible to predict what I will have in stock at any given time.


  1. You may place your order by telephone, mail, e-mail or directly through Paypal (be sure to have shipping quote). Methods of payment are Mastercard/Visa, Paypal, Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer. Sorry, NO COD!  Paypal ordering instructions:  1) logon to your Paypal account 2) Click on "Send Money" 3) Use sndtubes@vacuumtubes.com as recipient address 4) Fill out appropriate fields.  Please enter what you are ordering in the comments field.

  1. MINIMUM Shipping:

    Tube Orders:  $10 within the USA.  Most orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  If your order exceeds 2 or 3 pounds or has a high value, then shipping will be more.  Please inquire about shipping charges.   For orders outside the USA, please email me for shipping quote.

    Instruction Manual Orders:  Within the USA, shipping and handling is a flat rate of $6 via Priority Mail for most manual orders.  If you are buying several manuals, please email me for shipping cost.  Manual orders outside the USA are usually $12 via Priority Mail, but you will need to email me for cost since cost varies from country to country.

    Tube Testers and other equipment:  Please inquire about shipping costs on heavy items such as tube testers.


  1. If are nervous about emailing your credit card information, you can spell out the numbers alphabetically.  (ie. fourtwofivesix instead of 4256)

  2. Paypal address is: sndtubes@vacuumtubes.com

  3. If your require certain brands, etc., please be specific about what you want and what you don't want.  I will send as many as I have up to the maximum quantity that you want.  I cannot inventory every tube for you.  It takes far too much time.    There may be a surcharge for special construction/brand requirements.