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 6BQ5 / EL84 Tube List

6BQ5/EL84 - Standard quality tube

E84L/7320 - Premium quality tube

7189 - Industrial Version with a 400 V plate rating vs. 300 V for EL84/6BQ5

7189A - Industrial Version with higher screen and plate ratings.  THIS TUBE HAS A DIFFERENT PINOUT and CANNOT BE USED IN 6BQ5/EL84 SOCKETS UNLESS YOU HAVE VERIFIED IT WILL WORK!

Plate current matching available on most at $5 extra per tube

USA Made 6BQ5 / EL84

Type Description Price 
6BQ5 USA 6BQ5 USA makes such as GE, Sylvania, etc. (Not RCA) New (NOS)  These are all very high quality tubes and will sound better and outlast the currently produced stuff from Russia, etc.  $35 ea
6BQ5 USA Various USA Makes As Above But USED TESTED GOOD  $18 ea
6BQ5 RCA RCA 1950's thru 1970's  New (NOS)  These have gray plates and usually have a black graphite type coating on the inside of the glass which is to minimize electrical radiation.  This coating gives them the appearance of being used but make no mistake, it is normal and they are GREAT TUBES.  These are thought to be the best of the 6BQ5/EL84 produced in the USA.  $40 ea
6BQ5 RCA/CMI CMI Brand (OEM) made by RCA 1969 date code New (NOS)  These nice tubes were made by RCA for CMI.  They are all of the same date code They were "bulk packed" so they come in white boxes. $40ea
6BQ5 Westinghouse Westinghouse 6BQ5 USA  New (NOS)  Nicely made 6BQ5's made in the Westinghouse factory during the 1960's.  Only 5 or 6 available currently. $35 ea
6BQ5 CBS/Hytron CBS/Hytron 6BQ5 USA  New (NOS)  Good Ol' American made tube  Only 1 pair in stock currently $35 ea
6BQ5 Tung Sol Tung Sol 6BQ5 USA  New (NOS) RARE RARE RARE.  These look a lot like Amperex EL84's inside.  I only have a few of these at any given time. $60ea
7189 7189 Sylvania, etc.  USA  New (NOS)  This tube is slightly more rugged than the standard 6BQ5.  They are very good quality tubes and getting HARD TO FIND! $60 ea
7189 RCA 7189 RCA USA  New (NOS)  The "ultimate" American EL84....RCA 7189.  Get them while you still can folks. $75 ea
7189 GE 7189A's differ somewhat in pinout from 7189/6BQ5, so if your amp calls for 7189A you need to use these.  GE is the only US mfr. to make 7189A $60 ea
8BQ5 RCA 8BQ5's are an excellent sub for 6BQ5's.  Save $$ $25 ea
8BQ5 USA Other 8BQ5's made by Sylvania, GE, etc. $20 ea


European 6BQ5/EL84

EL84= Standard Quality Tube

E84L = Premium Quality Tube

Type Description Price
EL84 Siemens Germany  New (NOS) In original boxes Only 4 pcs available. email
EL84 Telefunken Germany USED TESTED GOOD  Good Condition.  Only a very small quantity in stock.  Most have obscured or missing logos, but are for sure Telefunken tubes. email
EL84 Sonotone Germany New (NOS)   Made by Siemens.  Original Box.  Only 1 in stock currently email
EL84 Amperex Holland New (NOS) 2 Bugleboys currently in stock.  1 with very nice logo, 1 with somewhat obscured logo email
EL84 Amperex UK New (NOS)  World Logo, made by Mullard in the UK.  Excellent tubes.  I have about 8 of these right now email
EL84 Mullard UK New (NOS)  Shield Logo.  Made in the UK.  I only have 6 of these right now. email
EL84 As above but IEC Mullard branding or Later M style Mullard Logo email
6BQ5 Euro Mixed Brands  New (NOS)  I have a few odd branded and USA branded EL84's made in Europe by Amperex, Mullard, etc.  email
8BQ5-Holland Here are some beautiful Holland made (Amperex/Philips) 8BQ5's that will sub easily for 6BQ5's $75 ea New

Misc 6BQ5/EL84

Type Description Price
6BQ5 Misc branded made in Japan NOS  These are very good quality tubes, just not highly sought after, so you can save $$ $30 ea
6BQ5 Misc branded made in Russia  NEW  Odd branded made in Russia.  Good general purpose tube for the money. $12 ea
6BQ5 Electro Harmonix Russia.  Decent quality 6BQ5  $12 ea