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6DJ8 / ECC88/ 6922/7308 Tube List 

  • 6DJ8 / ECC88 is the "standard grade" of this family.  They normally have steel pins.

  • 6922 / E88CC is a "premium grade" version of the 6DJ8.  Most have gold plated pins, but many Sylvania manufactured 6922's have steel pins (a few Sylvania's are gold pin). 

  • 7308 / E188CC is generally the highest quality tube in the 6DJ8/ECC88 family.  Most have gold pins.  Sylvania's are steel pin.  They are designed with low microphonics and low noise.  Sections are usually pretty closely matched.

  • 7DJ8 / PCC88  These are 7 volt filaments which were designed to be used in series string circuits.  However, they work well in standard 6DJ8 circuits and can generally be used as direct substitutes.  You can some some money using these.

  • CCa  This is a special version of the 6922 / E88CC which is usually only found as Siemens or Telefunken.  These are very rare tubes and usually not in stock.  But as for everything else, call or email to make sure.


Type Description Price 
6DJ8 /ECC88 USA made by GE, Sylvania  They work fine for most applications, but are best suited in driver stages rather than preamp stages. $18 ea new

$10 ea used

6DJ8 / ECC88 Raytheon USA $24 ea new
6DJ8/ ECC88 Japan-Made mostly by either Toshiba or Matsushita.  These are pretty nice for the price, but again they are probably best utilized in circuits where microphonics are not critical $18 ea new

$10 ea used

6DJ8/ ECC88 Amperex Holland Orange World Logo (later production) many are of the "A" frame type construction.   These, as all of the European 6DJ8's are good for audio and preamp use.  Good sounding tube and a very good value for the price. $89 ea new

$39 ea used

6DJ8/ ECC88 Amperex Holland "Bugleboy" label (earlier production).  Some people prefer this version of the 6DJ8.  They sound nice and are one of the best of the standard quality 6DJ8's. $119 ea new

$59 ea used

6DJ8/ ECC88 Other branding made in Holland by Amperex.  Could be GE, RCA, Sylvania, etc. $89 ea new
6DJ8/ ECC88 Mullard made in the UK.  Also a very good 6DJ8 for audio applications.  $99 ea new

$49 ea used

6DJ8/ ECC88 Brimar and other UK manufactured 6DJ8's.  You will need to specify exactly what you want call/email
6DJ8 / ECC88 Siemens-Halske  Made in Germany and an excellent quality 6DJ8.  Well suited for audio applications.  Pretty rare $119 ea new
6DJ8 / ECC88 Telefunken Made in Germany.  Diamond base.  Of course, Telefunken being one of the best tube manufacturers ever made an excellent 6DJ8.  These are pretty hard to find and I don't usually have many at any given time. $149 each new

$99 ea used

6922 / E88CC Sylvania or Sylvania manufactured steel pin $39 ea new

$12 ea used

6922/ E88CC Sylvania or Sylvania manufactured gold pin $49ea new

$18 ea used

6922/ E88CC Amperex USA.  PQ white label (earlier production) Made in Hicksville, NY.  Gold Pins.  One of the better 6922's out there.  Some think it's the best $189 ea new

$90 ea used

6922/ E88CC Amperex USA Orange PQ label or Green JAN label (later production).  Gold Pins.  Mfg. in Hicksville, NY $169 ea new

$80 ea used

6922/ E88CC Amperex JAN Green Label.  These are the same thing as the PQ white label tubes but were packaged and marked for the military.  $169 ea new

$80 ea used

6922 / E88CC Amperex Holland.  White Label, PQ logo.  STRAIGHT SIDED.  Gold Pin Mfg. in Holland.  Pretty much equivalent to the USA 6922 Amperex. $229 ea new

$119 ea used

6922/ E88CC Amperex Holland White PQ logo PINCHED WAIST (the glass narrows near the bottom).  Gold Pins.  These are the older production 6922's and are one of the most highly sought after.  They're pretty rare and I usually don't have many of these in stock.  Get them while you still can. call/email
6922 / E88CC Amperex USA.  Brands other than Amperex.  Gold Pins.  Amperex was one of the few producers of 6922's in the USA, so they sold them to other tube brands like Westinghouse, RCA, etc.  These are THE SAME as the PQ orange or white labeled 6922's above.  Just different branding. $169 ea new

$79 ea used

6922 / E88CC Siemens Germany.  Early production made by Siemens/Halske  Gold pins.  Will be found in brands other than Siemens such as RCA.  Excellent tube. $199 ea new

$99 ea used

6922/ E88CC Siemens Germany.  Later production (70's/80's).  Gold Pins $149 ea new

$79 ea used

6922/ E88CC Telefunken E88CC Made in Germany.  Diamond botttom, Gold pins.  Excellent tube and highly prized.  Hard to find.  I really don't need to say more about these beauties. call/email
6922/ E88CC Mullard UK.  Gold Pin.  Various brand names such as RCA, GE, Westinghouse, etc.  Good tube. $149 ea new

$69 ea used

7308 JAN Sylvania.  Steel pin $49 ea new

$29 ea used

7308/ E188CC Sylvania.  Commercial boxes, but otherwise the same as the JAN's.  Will be found under other names like RCA. $49 ea new

$29 ea used

7308/ /E188CC Amperex USA Gold pin.  White label or Orange Label or JAN Green Label.   Some say the best of the best.   Will be found under other brand names as well.  $199 ea new

$99 ea used

7308/ E188CC Siemens Germany Gold Pin  Early version.  Very, very nice tube.  Will be found mainly as RCA but other brands as well.  This tube is on the same level as the Amperex $229 ea new

$119 ea used

7308/ E188CC Siemens Germany Later version. with Gold Pins.  Still a very nice tube.  I use these in a preamp myself and they sound great.  $149 ea new

$79 ea used

7DJ8 / PCC88 RFT Germany.  Steel Pin $25 ea new
7DJ8 / PCC88 Mullard  UK or Amperex Holland Steel Pin $35 ea new
7DJ8 / PCC88 Telefunken Germany.  Steel Pins. $70 ea new
CCa Telefunken or Siemens Germany.  Usually Gold Pin.  Very rare version of the 6922 / E88CC tube.  Not usually in stock, but check to make sure call/email
Others There are so many brands, version, etc. that I can't possibly list them all.  Please inquire if you have a special need or request. call/email