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Type 10/VT-25 Tube List


The Type 10 tube is a filamentary triode tube with a filament voltage of 7.5 volts and filament current of 1.25 Amps.  It has a standard UX4 base 4 pin base.  It is typically used as an audio amplifier tube.  Max Plate voltage is 425 Volts and Max Plate Dissipation is 12 Watts.  

The US Military designation is VT-25.  There were two types of filaments used with 10's.  Most common is the Thoriated Tungsten variety which have short plates and glow quite brightly when the filament is activated.  There was also a coated filament variety which had "long" plates.  These were called VT-25A's  Contrary to popular belief, these DON'T have a higher power rating.  Early 10's were in the "globe" shaped envelope (S) and later ones were fitted with the "ST" shaped envelope.  There were 2 different sized ST envelopes used.  (small & large)

Type Description Price 
VT-25 / 10Y ST Shape, Brown Base.  Usually Military Surplus but not always.  They were made primarily by Sylvania, RCA and Hytron.  This is the short plate version with thoriated tungsten filaments $79 new

$45 used

VT-25A ST Shape, Brown Base, Long Plate with oxide coated filament.   Usually found in Hytron and Sylvania brands.  I've never seen an RCA VT-25A.  $99 new

$59 used

VT-25A Western Electric, ST Shape, Ceramic base, Long Plate with Oxide Coated Filament.  These are really nice tubes but are very rare.  They are quite expensive when I have them available.  Please email for prices and availability   Call/Email
10 ST ST Shape, Black Base, Short Plate/Thoriated Tungsten Filament.  These are really just like 10Y's but have a black base.  Usual brands are RCA, Sylvania, Hytron, but may be found in other brands like GE. $79 new

$45 used

10 Globe Globe (S) Shape, Short Plate, Thoriated Tungsten Filament.  These are like the ST tubes above, but have the cool globe shaped glass envelope.  Most of them are RCA's. $119 new

$69 used

10 Globe Globe Shape (S), Long Plate, Oxide Coated Filament.  Various brands.  Most are of the lesser known brands like Speed, etc.  They are very early versions of the 10 Call/Email
10 Globe Mesh As above but with the highly desired mesh plate.  These are of the earliest of the 10's and are very rare.  Call/Email