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 6267 / EF86 Tube List 


Type Description Price 
6267/EF86 Holland These are available under various name brands such as Amperex, Philips, Mullard, Valvo and even USA names like GE and Sylvania.  They ALL will have been made by Philips HOLLAND.  They have a fine mesh plate. $55 New

$30 Used


$60 New Bugleboy

$35 Used Bugleboy

6267/EF86 Gt. Britain These are usually Mullard's, but can be found under other brand names, too.  They all will have been made in the UK by Mullard.  Some have mesh plates and others have shiny, solid, nickel plates $60 New

$30 Used

6267/EF86 Telefunken Telefunken is known for their extremely high grade tubes.  These have solid, gray plates with one hole in them.  Some of them have bright nickel plates. $125 New orig box

$100 Like  New In White box

$65 Used

6267/EF86 Valvo Germany These look much like the Philips Holland tubes, but wer made in the Valvo plant in Hamburg, Germany.  They are available under various brand names like Valvo, Amperex, Sonotone, etc.  They are know to be excellent tubes. $60 New

$30 Used

Z729 Genalex These are very high quality EF86 equivalents made by Genalex (M.O. Valve) in the U.K.  5 pcs available.


$85 New
Z729 Genalex Gold Lion These are the PREMIUM OF THE PREMIUM 6267/EF86.  If you are familiar with the Gold Lion KT88 which is packed with special factory spec. papers, then you will appreciate these.  Each one has a complete test report paper performed at the factory.  They are, of course, made in the U.K.  I have a very limited quantity of these beauties and don't expect to find any more anytime soon.  Get 'em while you can! New - Out of Stock


$75 ea

6267 Mullard 10M Series The 10M series tube was Mullard's special premium quality tube.  Right now, I have only 1 of these in the original box.  The foam from the inside of the box has completely deteriorated, so it has been removed.  The tube, however, is NEW $125 New
6267 Japan These are similar to the Mullard/Amperex tubes for a good reason.  The Matsushita factory in Japan was set up by Philips/Mullard, so their tubes are very similar. $35 New

$20 Used

6267 Russia & Eastern Euro Cheap, but not bad tubes.  The Eastern Euro tubes are usually Tungsram Hungary. $30 New-East Euro

$15 New-Russia

$18 Used-East Euro

$10 Used-Russia