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2A3 Tube List 


Type Description Price 
2A3 Single Plate


2A3 "Single" or "Mono" Plate.  This is the original version of the 2A3.  Most agree they sound the best.  However, they carry a high price tag due to their rarity and demand.  Single Plate 2A3's were made by Cunningham/RCA, Sylvania, Tung-Sol and Arcturus.  NOS examples are nearly impossible to find.  You will need to call/email for prices and availability. New Old Stock (NOS) call/email
2A3 Single Plate As above but "Used Tested Good".  Several in stock now.  Sometimes pairs are available.  You will need to inquire about pairs, brands, etc.  Be careful about the Ebay peddlers here.  Most people do not know how to properly check a tube for gas as I do.  Single plate 2A3's are very often gassy and will not last long or work properly in most amps. call/email
2A3 RCA RCA brand 2A3 "dual plate".  Actually the term dual plate is a misnomer.  There is only one plate, but there are 2 sets of filaments and grids which share a common plate.  They really should be called "dual filament".  These are known to be great sounding tubes and are a good alternative to the very expensive single plate version.  These are "New Old Stock"  Matching available at $5 extra per tube $159 ea Gray Plate

$199 ea Black Plate

2A3 RCA As above, but "Used Tested Good" $89ea Gray Plate

$99 ea Black Plate

2A3 USA These are the same as the RCA's but are other brands like Sylvania, GE, Raytheon, Tung-Sol, etc.  They are of the "dual filament" variety.  Some actually have 2 completely separate plates which are in parallel.  You will need to specify which style you want.  Matching is available at $5 extra per tube.  "New Old Stock" $129 ea
2A3 USA As above, but "Used Tested Good" $89 ea
5930/2A3W This is a special creation by Sylvania.  They are quite odd looking with very large brown bases and stubby straight sided glass.  If you are familiar with the 5932/6L6WGA, they look almost the same.  There aren't many of these around.  "New Old Stock"  call/email
5930/2A3W As above, but "Used Tested Good" call/email
2A3H This is a bizarre version produced by Raytheon.  It has actually 3 filament/grid sections which are all in parallel.  I think the "H" means "high power" due to the extra filament.  Rarely available call/email