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Type 50 Tube List


Type Description Price 
50 ST Smaller ST-16 type 50.  Various USA brands like Tung Sol, Sylvania, Philco, etc.  My experience tells that most if not all of these were made by Sylvania regardless of brand. $200 ea new

$110 ea used

50 ST Large ST-19 type 50.  Usually RCA/Cunningham.  Most if not all of these were made by RCA/Cunningham $225 ea new

$150 ea used

50 Balloon (250) Early balloon shaped type 50.  Most are stamped UX-250 or CX-350 (CX denotes Cunningham).  Many different brands and versions.  Only rarely available.  Inquire about availability.  If you require specific brands and construction PLEASE BE SPECIFIC WHEN REQUESTING. Inquire