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6CA7 / EL34 Tube List 






Matching is available for many of these tubes. Matched pairs consist of like construction types and if possible, like brands. They are also electrically matched for PLATE CURRENT at 400V. You will need to inquire if matched tubes are available for the tube you are interested in.

  • Add $10 for matched pair
  • Add $25 for matched quad (very difficult to come by)
  • Matching is usually done at 400V plate/screen.


Special Deals

And New Arrivals

Here are some recent purchases I've made that I will have on special as long as there is good quantity on hand.  So, get 'em while you can!! There will be more soon.

Sorry, no current specials


Made in Holland



Amperex EL34

Type Description Price
EL34 Philips/Amperex Holland

Amperex/Philips Holland EL34

These will be either Amperex brand or other brands made by Amperex / Philips in Holland.  Many US manufacturers did not make their own EL34, they bought them from Philips, Mullard, etc. 

Click here to see a picture of a typical  Amperex made in Holland EL34

  • Brown Base

  • 2 D-shaped Getters

  • 2 Screen Cooling Fins

  • 2 Horizontal Slits In The Middle Of Each Plate

  • Gray Colored Plates

Of course, these come with many brand names on the Tube such as Amperex, GE, RCA, etc. 

$229 ea New

$129 ea Used


Mullard Made in the U.K. (England)

Mullard EL34's are among the most requested one in the world.  All versions are very well made and typically last several times longer than any of the currently produced junk from China/Eastern Europe.   There are several versions.

The tubes listed below are usually NOT Mullard Brand. They are found as GE, RCA, Sylvania and other brands. Mullard sold these to other companies who put their names on the tube. They are however, GENUINE MULLARD

Type Description Price
EL34-Metal Based


Mullard Original Metal Based (Philips)

Metal based:  This is the original EL34.  This is the rarest and most highly sought after Mullard EL34.  The brown micanol base has a nickel plated metal sheath around it.  The entire base is not actually metal.  The plates are welded with two horizontal slits in the center of the plate.  There is a large mica spacer at the very top which hides the getter rings.  There are 2 screen grid cooling fins with overall very heavy duty construction throughout.  

Click Here to see a typical metal based Mullard EL34


Call/Email For New/Used Prices and Availability


Mullard XF1

Mullard Type XF1

Has wide, very dark brown colored base.  Has 2 getter rings at the top.  Does not have the extra mica spacer below the getter rings like the metal based version. Otherwise very similar to metal based EL34.  

Click Here to see a typical XF1 Mullard EL34.



$199 ea Used


Mullard XF2


Mullard Type XF2

Type XF2: Has narrower, smaller base than XF1. XF2-a  have  2 small getter rings at the top, XF2-b has only 1 getter ring.  Welded gray plates that look just like the metal based and XF1 version.  Has 2 screen grid cooling fins like the XF1 & metal based. 

Click here to see a typical XF2-a Mullard EL34  (2 getter rings)

Click here to see a typical XF2-b Mullard EL34 (1 getter ring)

Single Getter $199 ea New

Single Getter   $99 ea Used

Double Getter $229 ea New

Double Getter   $119 ea Used


Mullard XF3 & XF4

Mullard Type XF3 & XF4

Type XF3 & XF4:  These look pretty much like the XF2-b except that they have crimped plates rather than welded plates.  They have one getter ring in the center.  If there is a difference between XF3 and 4, I don't know what it is.  

Click here to see a typical XF3/4 Mullard EL34

$179 ea New

$89 ea Used


Other European EL34 Types

Siemens made in Germany. These are very nice tubes which are known to sound good and have good life. They are rather skinny and have crimped plates. I have about 50 pcs NOS in stock, many are in matched pairs and quads. Get 'em while you can!

$149 New

$69 Used


Telefunken made in Germany. Telefunken simply made some of the finest tubes in the world. These are usually hard to find, so you will need to contact me for availability and price. There appear to be 2 different construction types. One type has 2 round holes on each side of the plate with a small bracket welded to it. The other type has 2 horizontal slits on both sides of the plate.

At the time the page is being published, I have about 12 good used Tele's in stock. I also have 1 NOS Sonotone brand made by Telefunken.

Valvo made in Germany These are Seldom seen and usually don't have them. Call for price and availability


 Other European EL34 Types

Sylvania "Fat Boy" USA These are known as "Fat Boy" tubes because 6CA7/EL34 tubes made in the USA have much fatter glass bulbs than their European EL34 equivalent. These have large plates with 3 holes and are known to sound very good and to be very rugged. They are often found branded RCA as RCA NEVER made any kind of 6CA7/EL34 in their own plant.

$199 ea New

$99 ea Used

GE "Fat Boy" USA These are very similar to the Sylvania's. However, they were made by GE. They are also know for their superior performance. Both the GE and Sylvania 6CA7 are getting VERY difficult to find.

$199 ea New

$99 ea Used


Other EL34 Tubes

EL34 Japan. These were made during the 60's and 70's by Matsushita (I think) and are very nice tubes. They can be identified by a single seam at the top of the tube. They appear with different names on them such as Raytheon, Westinghouse, Radio Shack, etc. They are known to be very good tubes which rival the quality of Mullard, etc. After all, the Matsushita plant was set up by Philips, the parent company of Mullard.

$99 ea New

$49 ea Used


Mullard Re-Issue

New tubes made in Russia with Mullard branding.  Although not real Mullard tubes, they were made with some improvements to make them perform like real Mullard tubes

$25 each

$60 per pair

$120 per quad