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5AR4 / GZ34

GZ30, GZ32, GZ33,  GZ37

 Tube List 

This is a "representative" list of what is normally available.  You will need to contact me for specific needs if you don't see them here.  Not all tubes will be in stock at any given time.


Type Description Price 
5AR4 Sovtek-Russia.  Decent quality for an inexpensive tube.  I have had no complaints about these. New, current production 25.00 ea
5AR4 Mullard Standard Base Mullard made in England. Regular size Dark brown or black base.  Some may be marked with other branding but are actually Mullard's .  1960's to 70's production Serrated plate with 7 or 4 "notches"   199.00 ea New

99.00 ea
5AR4 Mullard Large Base These are earlier production (late 50's to early 60's) than the "Standard Base " Mullards listed above.  The bases are slightly larger and are usually fairly dark brown or black in color.  They will have 4 notch serrated plates or no notches in the plate.  They are much more difficult to find and hence more expensive.  249.00 ea

129.00 ea
5AR4 Metal Base These are extraordinarily rare and highly sought after.  I nearly never have them as NOS, so you will need to contact me for what is available and prices.  These are usually made in Holland. call/email
5AR4 Valvo Holland   They are very nice tubes made in Holland.  They have black bases and non-serrated plates.  Boxes are a bit beat, but tubes are REAL NICE!  Hurry, I doubt I'll find more of these.  They are absolutely NOS 199.00 ea
5AR4 Amperex Holland Bugleboy Bugleboy Logo.  Non-serrated plates.  Very nice tubes.  Not many usually available. NOS  199.00 ea

119.00 ea
5AR4 Amperex Holland World World Logo made in Holland.  NOS 189.00 ea

109.00 ea
5AR4 Japan Japanese made 5AR4's are good tubes.  They are certainly far and above any of the Chinese garbage.  Some have a single seam on the top of the tube.  There are many of these that say "Gt. Britain" which is not correct.  If you see the seam, it's Japanese. NOS 99.00 ea

69.00 ea
5AR4 GE USA GE made a very nice 5AR4.  They are quite small; about the size of a 5Y3GT.  NOS 149.00 ea

89.00 ea
5AR4 Sylvania "Fat Boy" This version of the 5AR4 is in a very large glass envelope which is the same size as a typical 6L6GC hence the term "Fat Boy".  For those of you that are familiar with the Sylvania 6CA7 Fat Boy, it is the same size.  These are very robust tubes and work very well.  NOS 199.00 ea

119.00 ea
5AR4 Sylvania "Fat Boy" These are marked 5V4GA but really have 5AR4 guts and look exactly like the Sylvania Fat Boy tube.  They will perform exactly the same as the 5AR4 fat boy since that is what they really are.  Some are marked RCA and other brands.  NOS $119 ea
  GZ30, GZ32, GZ33, GZ37  
GZ30 Made in England or Holland with brands like Amperex or Mullard.  This is a Euro version of the 5Z4 NOS 69.00 ea
GZ32 Made in England or Holland.  Euro version of 5V4G NOS 129.00 ea
GZ33 Made in England or Holland.  Large ST version of the GZ34.  NOS 199.00 ea
GZ37 Made in England.  Large ST bottle.  NOS 199.00 ea