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  Hickok 752A




Here is a very nice Hickok 752A Tube Tester.   For those of you who know this wonderful tester, nothing more need be said except that it is in good working order.  For those of you who aren't familiar, you will find more information about it below.  This tester is especially nice for audio hobbyists because it checks double element tubes like 12AX7, etc. without having to reset the switches like you do with most tube testers including most Hickoks.  Another unusual feature of the 752A is that it has BOTH the early 4, 5, 6, & 7 pin sockets as well as the later compactron and nuvistor sockets. 

This one is very nice cosmetically except there is some surface rust on some of the outside corner braces.   The exterior of the case is about an 8 out of 10 and so is the interior faceplate.  Those of you who have seen your share of Hickok testers as I have know that more often than not the leatherette paper on the outside of the case is falling off and sometimes missing altogether.  This one is not that way.  It's really pretty nice. 

This tester has NOT been serviced, but it seems to work very well.  I checked it against several of my calibrated tube standards and the tester appears to be right on as far as calibration is concerned.  The tester also correctly identifies weak and good rectifiers.  You shouldn't have to do anything to it.  As usual with most Hickok testers, the roll chart works kind of hard, but it does work.   The tester comes with a roll chart in book form, so that really doesn't matter much.  Also, one minor problem I have identified is that the meter tends to stick a little at the bottom.  It does not seem to effect the readings on the tester.  Usually this is a static problem as the meter face is plastic. 

This tester will come with ALL books including:

  • Instruction Manual with Schematic

  • Roll Chart in Book Form

  • Foreign Roll Chart Supplement

  • Obsolete Roll Chart Supplement


  • Checks mutual transconductance for tube quality test  which is the most reliable test known. 

  • Meter has only one scale which makes it easier to read than most other Hickok testers.  A mutliplier switch is set rather than using several meter scales.

  • Handy "Plate 2" button allows for testing double section tubes without resetting selector switches.

  • Meter and roll chart are backlit....another feature not found on most Hickok checkers.  This feature really makes the tester a joy to use in darker rooms.

  • #49 light bulb acts as a bias fuse to protect the sensitive bias poteniometer.

  • 2 plate voltages available.

  • Life Test button

  • Terminals for attaching external self bias resistor.  

  • Shorts and leakage are indicated on the meter rather than a less reliable neon bulb.

  • Sensitive gas test

  • Model 752 has 4-5-6-7 pin, octal, loctal, 7 & 9 pin minature, acorn, and subminature sockets.  The Model 752A has all of these sockets with the addition of 9 pin and 12 pin compactron, 10 pin decal, and both types of nuvistor sockets

  • Comes with instruction manual, obsolete and foreign tube roll chart supplement books.