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E-mail: sndtubes@vacuumtubes.com

B&K 707

 Tube Tester

For Sale






B&K 707

Tube Tester

The B&K 707 is a transconductance type tube tester that does a decent job of testing many of the newer tubes.  This tester only checks more modern tubes and is not recommended for antique radio repair unless you are repairing radios made past 1950 or so.   It is more suited for the guitar amp service man since it checks all of the octal and later type power tubes and is able to check double triodes like 12AX7's without any control resetting.  It is also well suited for someone who services later model ham radio or CB gear.


  • Measures mutual transconductance

  • Meter has bad-?-good scale.  It is also calibrated in percent of rated transconductance

  • Only 2 knobs to set!  You need only to set the filament voltage and sensitivity adjustment.  If you check a tube on the lower bank of sockets (later type sockets like 12 pin compactron), you need to adjust 4 additional knobs.  Tubes tested on the bottom section are tested for EMISSION ONLY. 

  • lightweight

  • Indicates grid leakage and shorts on the meter

  • Has "Test 2" button which tests the second section of a double section tube such as 12AX7.  No need to make any knob adjustments

  • Tests octal, 7 & 9 pin minature, 9 & 12 pin compactron tubes.

  • Includes instruction manual and set  up book



This tester is in nice condition.   The case is in very good condition with only a few scrapes and scratches.  Believe me, I've seen many of these with horrible cases.  This one is pretty nice.  The panel is also in good condition.  I have CALIBRATED this unit and it seems to be in GOOD WORKING CONDITION.  I have tested several "standard" tubes with it and it has correctly identified the good and bad tubes.  As with all vintage equipment, there is no long term warranty.  The unit is guaranteed to perform as described for 7 days only.  Given it's condition, I wouldn't expect any problems, though.

Items Included
  • Instruction Manual With Schematic

  • Setup Data Book

  • Anode Clip

B&K 707