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Hickok Model 6000/6000A/6005



The Hickok 6000 and 6000A tube testers are an updated version of the famous Hickok 600A.  The main differences are the addition of a transistor tester and the way the sockets are mounted.  In the 600, the sockets are indivudially mounted to the panel where the 6000 has all of the sockets mounted on a "plate" or "island" which plugs into one 11 or 12 pin socket on the front panel.     The idea was that if a socket went bad, you needed only to purchase another socket plate and plug it into the tester instead of replacing one socket and soldering all of the wires.  Now that none of the plates are available, you have to replace indivudial sockets one both testers.  The difference between the 6000 and 6000A is that the 6000A has a socket plate which has all of the modern sockets (octal, 7 & 9 pin minature, nuvistor, 9 & 12 pin compactron) and the 6000 has the older socket plate (4, 5, 6, 7, octal, loctal, 7 & 9 pin minature).  Therefore, you would not want a 6000A if you intend to test mainly older tubes (45, 2A3, 76, etc.).


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